615 6TH St. Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 1H3

Total Area (sqft): 38,884

Number of Beds: 25 bsu

Proposed Location: 20 year lease with Grey Bruce Services – please see
subsequent pages for information regarding Grey Bruce Health Services.

The Bayview Wellness Centre will be a free-standing, twenty-five (25) unit, residential addictions and mental health treatment center serving those with mental health and/or substance abuse in Grey Bruce Region, Bayview Wellness Centre will be a “Centre for Excellence” in the delivery of mental health and Substance Abuse services throughout our region, where education and training will be offered to medical, nursing, social services students as well as to all staff and community volunteers.

Purpose & Objectives

  • To develop a comprehensive treatment system that supports people in need of substance abuse services on their journey to recovery. The treatment pathway will encourage self-care and management and be tailored to the individuals’ needs.
  • The intention is to ensure the needs and requirements of all communities are addressed through a single administrative board that integrates with all the service partners on behalf of the patients throughout Northern Ontario.