102 Corkery St., Trout Creek, Ontario, POH 2LO

Total Area (sqft): 81,000

Number of Beds: 96

Basic Accommodation: How many of the developed or redeveloped LTC beds in the proposed project will be offered as basic accommodation? 72

% of Basic Accommodation: What percentage of the total number of beds in the proposed completed LTC home will be offered as basic accommodation? 75%

Specialized Units: 16 BSU Beds and 16 Proposed HPAB Beds (Deemed basic accommodation included in 75% basic accommodation calculation below) 40 Basic + 20 Semi Private + 4 Private + 16 BSU + 16 HPAB = 96 Total

Extended Care: Is the proposed project (or any part of it) intended to construct a home or unit in the home that will provide care through an expanded care model? YES

Property Description: The Trout Creek Seniors Neighborhood is a project borne from the recent revocation of 66 LTC beds associated with Lady Isabelle located in the Municipality of Powassan.

This important institution cared for many of the rural residents of the region and was awell-established facet of the community. Residents counted on the home for many of their family needs.

It is envisioned the project itself will be a campus style development that will support seniors by offering:

  • Long term Care beds (96)
  • 40 Basic Beds
  • 20 Semi Private Beds
  • 4 Private Beds
  • 16 BSU Beds
  • 16 HPAB Beds Seniors housing
  • Doctors office with the ability to entertain specialist locums
    (i.e. oral care, orthotics, foot care clinic)
  • Potentially some seniors drop-in recreation opportunities in partnership with the Municipality of Powassan.

The development will be a two floor structure with 2 X 32 RHAs, and 2 x 16 BSU and HPAB RHAs, and is estimated to take 18 months from time of tendering to completion.

It is important to consider that this project is vital for the region, understanding the current demographics and significant aging population in the North. It is also important, because, in conjunction with Cassellholme and the North Bay Regional Health Centre, offers choice for those residents wishing to live in a more rural setting. Based on the location of Trout Creek, it has the ability to address demands and assist with reducing Hallway
Medicine. The local Ontario Health team (the Near North Health & Wellness team) considers this an important project as it will offer seniors and alternative to hospitalization, reduce long waiting lists for Long Term Care beds and represent a more diverse service offering than is currently available. There is some additional pressure growing to serve citizens in southern areas of the region such as Huntsville, Burkes Falls and Parry Sound.

Included in the submission email is a draft site plan and schematic layout of typical RHAs, supplied by the firm Bertand Wheeler Architects. The plan has received positive review from Powassan’s council and community. Again the
offerings reflect the type and style of care citizens are looking for as a place to age.