1O945 Hwy 124, South River, Ontario, POA 1XO

Total Area (sqft): 150,000

Number of Beds: 64

Basic Accommodation: How many of the developed or redeveloped LTC beds in the proposed project will be offered as basic accommodation? 44

% of Basic Accommodation: What percentage of the total number of beds in the proposed completed LTC home will be offered as basic accommodation? 73.33%

Specialized Units: 8 Behavioral Support Beds

Extended Care: Is the proposed project (or any part of it) intended to construct a home or unit in the home that will provide care through an expanded care model? YES

Property Description: Nestled in the Almaguin Region, this development is ideal to meet the needs of seniors from this very vast geography. Most seniors in the area must either travel to Parry Sound to the west, Huntsville to the south, North Bay to the North or Renfrew to the far east which makes accessing care extremely difficult. In addition to care, visiting by family becomes very difficult especially in the winter months. Add a low household income to the mix, senior’s care in any form becomes a challenge.

Bertand Wheeler Architects recently undertook a feasibility and Master Plan. Through their work, a fresh, exciting plan was envisioned. By combining Long Term Care beds, Retirement Living and seasonal accommodations (geared to seniors) in one in the south pod of the 200,000 square foot building. Within the hub (centre) of the space, a local group is interested in developing a community hub, complete with studios, adult learning centre, exhibit space, restaurant and brewery.

The municipalities have identified a need to host an economic development/tourism office to compliment the community hub. The northern pod will host accommodations and amenities for a sports tourism complex. This built space is adjacent to 10 acres of active sports fields. Needless to say, combining these uses will create a functional and unique experience for seniors, the community and visitors. It will help make LTC accessible as well as help maintain family connections much easier.

The location provides for an ideal backdrop for wellness in the region since LTC must meet more than the clinical needs of its residents. By creating an active, busy and interesting node, it will attract professionals to the region as well as stimulate growth while taking the burden off other centres.