941-955 Queen Street E, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, P6A 2C1

Total Area (sqft): 225,000

Number of Beds: 192

Basic Accommodation: How many of the developed or redeveloped LTC beds in the proposed project will be offered as basic accommodation? 116

% of Basic Accommodation: What percentage of the total number of beds in the proposed completed LTC home will be offered as basic accommodation? 60.42%

Specialized Units: 16 BSU beds, 16 HPAB beds

Extended Care: Is the proposed project (or any part of it) intended to construct a home or unit in the home that will provide care through an expanded care model? YES

Property Description: Sault Ste. Marie-Algoma sees more than an average of 20 people move into Long Term Care per month according to a Ministry publication. It is also estimated that more than 500 people are waiting for one of the 935 LTC beds at any given time. It seems obvious that more services for seniors are needed for the region. Our site, the former Plummer Hospital building, is an opportunity to serve seniors in the region. As a 214,000 square foot structure lends itself to possibilities from Long Term Care beds, to assisted living accommodations to congregate facility for cognitively impaired adults.

By combining these uses at a central and very scenic/dynamic location our development will benefit from common infrastructure elements like kitchen, activation personnel, social workers and clinical expertise. It is envisioned that residents will be able to ‘age in place” irrespective of their cognitive or clinical conditions. The 7 floors are designed to ensure maximum efficiencies.

We are also hopeful the local municipality will embrace the development and partner in order to create a seniors’ wellness centre where local non-profit organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s society, can deliver programs as well as
offer support for those most impacted by the disease.