69-71 5TH Street, Englehart, Ontario POJ 1HO

Total Area (sqft): 44, 692

Number of Beds: 85

Basic Accommodation: How many of the developed or redeveloped LTC beds in the proposed project will be offered as basic accommodation? 51

% of Basic Accommodation: What percentage of the total number of beds in the proposed completed LTC home will be offered as basic accommodation? 60%

Specialized Units: 16 Behavioural Support Beds

Extended Care: Is the proposed project (or any part of it) intended to construct a home or unit in the home that will provide care through an expanded care model? YES

Property Description: In 2019, The Temiskaming Health System Collaborative identified that the Northview Nursing Home was potentially winding down its operation and respectfully requested that an extension to the operation be granted in order that they may undertake a feasibility study to save the 48 beds. Their concern was that the loss of the beds would lead to significant pressure on the local hospitals (Kirkland Lake and Englehart) in the form of ALC care and that residents would be forced to seek care in another region. Following that, the local newspaper reported that the hospital was working with a group to develop a new home to replace the aging Northview Nursing Home. This application represents the next step in the process in regard to ensuring seniors care can and will be available in the region and, if approved, add 85 beds to the inventory of the 48 beds operated by Con Med which was recently purchased by us.

Although not unique, the new facility will be built adjacent to the local hospital where it will be operated in a collaborative manner in order to help ensure the maximum resources are directed to front line care. Maintenance, dietary, laundry and housekeeping services will be shared with the hospital and clinical expertise, care software and supports will also create a clear line of site from the hospital to the LTC setting. This will improve outcomes, heighten Infection Control practices and lead to seamless care. By championing Acute care with LTC other service offerings within the community can grow for seniors. Day programs, home supports, and meals on wheels.

The Town of Englehart has expressed an interest in partnering as the current Northview Nursing Home hosts seniors recreational programs in the basement of its building. By building on existing partners and relationships seniors
recreational opportunities become possible and enviable.