500 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, Ontario, N6A 187

Total Area (sqft): 120,000

Number of Beds: 160

Basic Accommodation: How many of the developed or redeveloped LTC beds in the proposed project will be offered as basic accommodation? 96

% of Basic Accommodation: What percentage of the total number of beds in the proposed completed LTC home will be offered as basic accommodation? 60%

Specialized Units: 16 BSU, 16 for other health care needs.

Extended Care: Is the proposed project (or any part of it) intended to construct a home or unit in the home that will provide care through an expanded care model? YES

Property Description: As the need for senior’s care across Ontario continues to grow, one of the greatest needs continues to be Windsor. With a seemingly large number of beds the wait lists continue to grow. The reality is, that in a number of homes within the Erie St. Clair Region several homes have waiting lists for basic accommodations that are greater than the number of beds/licences. Certainly the need can be demonstrated in this part of Ontario. This application represents an ask of 160 licenses to be developed at 500 Ouellette Avenue in the heart of Windsor’s downtown core.

This multi-level building program will cater to seniors that want a more urban setting. We are contemplating some other complimentary uses in regards to local needs. Geared to income seniors housing, drop in centre for seniors, meals on wheel and a day program to deliver care to those families looking
after their aging parents and working in the city.

The design is very modern and provides for services that can be primarily autonomous of other floors to improve infection control practices and protocols. We are reviewing the possibilities of a garden space on the roof to help ensure a safe outdoor experience for residents. The building is located in a district that lends itself for outings in an urban context with shopping at its doorstep. The Windsor waterfront is less than a kilometer away which again provides another experience for seniors and residents.

Part of the draw in regards to staff is the location. Employees will be close to the downtown and have great access to transit. We hope to inspire and work/life balance and promote LTC and working with vulnerable seniors as a positive career.