Dynamic Health Management’s Mission, Vision and Values governs the organization’s purpose, existence and provides direction to uphold the core values and expectations of the organization. DHM is committed to providing holistic care in a safe and compassionate atmosphere, successfully creating one moment at a time.

Residents embark on the next chapter of their life as they enjoy continued independent living in an inviting, comforting and safe environment. Residents will also have the security of knowing that their life also includes a plan for future care if needed. Lady Isabelle Trout Creek offers 49 thoughtfully designed suites each providing a safe and warm retreat.

Westroy Homes are committed to excellence, satisfaction for our clients, and unwavering attention to detail and community spirit. Comprised of two successful builders, combining nearly 50 years of collective experience, our goal is to not only meet the needs of our homeowners by delivering the best possible product, utilizing leading edge design concepts and state of the art construction procedures, but also creating the perfect living space for families to grow and thrive in a vibrant community.  Westroy Home is actively involved in communities all throughout Southern Ontario, such as Etobicoke, Lorne Park, and Long Branch.