With over 45 years experience in the active real estate market in Ontario, combined with nearly 2 decades of Accounting and Commercial Banking expertise,  Westroy Assets Management Inc offers  a wide breadth of knowledge and aptitude in developing and repurposing commercial, medical, and industrial assets.

As a Vaughan-based group, Westroy specializes in the acquisition and redevelopment of an asset; active marketing and leasing of vacant spaces; the reworking and repurposing of a leased premises in order to maximize its return and operational efficiency in a given market; and proactive, hands on property management consisting of functions ranging from day to day operations right up to consolidating and streamlining services and utilities.

In addition to this, Westroy possesses a vast and unique understanding of asset development/management, within smaller markets in Ontario, spanning a wide gamut of industries throughout the province.  Our executive staff has the consummate ability to acquire assets, implement a vision of future development, and effectively employ the steps necessary to re-imagine the asset and assert its maximum financial return.

Westroy also specializes in the development of strategic, regional mental health facilities and partnerships throughout Northern Ontario. Currently, we are in the development stage of facilities in Owen Sound, North Bay, Timmins, Thunder Bay and Sudbury.

As a multi faceted, multi-versed asset ownership/management firm, we strive to provide efficient and streamlined services, while maintaining a dedication to improving the surrounding communities through positive and proactive development.